METALLIAN.COM - by Sheila Wes Det 

Wow, this here girl clued in to the presence of a female singer only after reading the band’s biography, checking out the line-up and after at least four listens to the Sixteen CD. The man (that I had thought) was a woman singer. Well… she is darn good!
Unfortunately, my disc keeps cutting off in the middle of track six, for whatever reason, but what comes through of this full-length presents a compelling multi-faceted band whose strengths and weaknesses are really that aspect. The group has keyboards, but could be considered hard rock and a proficient one at that. According to the band it has been making the rounds for 18 years. No wonder, the sound is so tight. Slightly strange that no one knows this band though. Perhaps the band’s shorthair image is to blame, but singer Barbara may alleviate that.
The sound is quite respectable and so is the musicianship. From my disc the band does cover an array of harder sounds though. It is all performed well, but the well-done diversity shows a slight lack of focus. Still, opener Wild Road is a strong mix of Dream Theater influences. Wet Day tilts towards Scorpions with Barbara doing something Klaus Meine might have tried. Sixteen, the title track, tilts towards Living Color. It is funky, commercial and comprehensible. Then comes Rules and it is a hell of a Cult wanna-be. Just hear the strumming. Before my disc disobeys my audio system Prayer is a beautiful ballad that once again is an indication of what this band can do. Very interesting.
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